3 writing platforms every newbie must know


We are so in love with our writing newbies so we are dedicating another post to you.

Today we are giving you platforms that can serve as amazing resources for you. Whatever kind of help, advice, resource you need, you will get it from these writing blogs.

Positive Writer 

Positivewriter.com is a very relatable blog for every writer, whether or not you are a newbie. Bryan, (the brain behind the blog) has a fine way of encouraging writers and talking about the writing profession. You should check out his post on how to start a daily positive journal. We think it’s absolutely brilliant.

Goins writer

Jeff is an amazing writer and he writes beautifully, which shows in every blog post. If you want creative and engaging blog that gives spot-on advice you definitely should visit his blog. Check out his post on how to be more creative without having to be original.

Sparkle writers

You know we are not being bias when we say this. The sparkle Writers’ Hub for years has helped writers become the best they can be. Our blog focuses on different aspects of a writer’s life from grammar, to blogging to learning new words and even celebrating other writers.  If you missed our post on why your failure shouldn’t define you as a writer. Read it today

Please note that there are many more writing blogs doing amazing things but we only highlighted three. If you have more blogs you want us to feature, drop the URL in the comment box and we’d check the blog out!






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