#WordOfTheDay – Learn what lief means


Hello and welcome to our vocabulary column where we learn new words and use them in sentences. This column helps us become better writers because words are every writer’s tool and the more words you know the better your writing gets.

Today’s word is lief. It has two meanings depending on how you are using it.

Lief as an adverb means willingly, readily without resistance.  However as an adjective it means beloved or treasured.

Let us make two sentences using this word;

I think I would lief cook for everyone as long as there is light. 

My lief bag was stolen today. You can imagine how I feel. 

Note that we used the word in two different circumstances.

Now go ahead and make your own sentences.


One thought on “#WordOfTheDay – Learn what lief means

  1. Well i never… again one for scrabble…

    If i where to use this a blog post..i would have to get the dictionary out…

    Thanks for making us wiser



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