Failure does not define you as a writer


There’s no doubt about it. Failure hurts; it’s painful and has a way of discouraging you.

But let’s face it, we can’t always win. The article will not always come out as you expected. There are times your editor/ publisher will reject your manuscript after several weeks and strenuous nights of writing, editing and fine tuning. And because of that you mope around for days and refuse to come out of bed. Enough is enough.

Do you know that you have the power to create your self-image, whether as a writer or as a person. Whatever you decide to call yourself is what you will be.

Even when you have made terrible mistakes as a writer, don’t let it define you. Accept that things have not worked out well and move forward. Don’t use derogatory words to describe your creative effort. You are an author, poet, novelist not a failure.


Have you set writing goals year in year out and you haven’t hit them yet? Don’t beat yourself up. Identify what did not work, make amends and move on. If you need to get a writing coach, get one. If what you need is an accountability partner look for one and move on.

Walt Disney, J. K Rowling, Dr. Seuss are great writers, but do you know how many times they were rejected? Dr. Seuss had his first book rejected 27 times! And now he has an entire day dedicated to his literary work. How many times have your articles been rejected? Is it up to 27 times?

Whatever has discouraged you up till now should not define you. It’s time to pick up your journal and pen and start writing again.



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