Through the eyes of Lucy :Living With Schizophrenia.

doctor with female patient



I am not, mentally deranged.

I need to state this pretty clearly, as I seem to be in the minority as regards this view.

So, after the seminar saga, I was literally bundled to see a psychiatrist.

Why is everyone so bothered about my actions? I’m a little strange, I know that, but we can’t all be the same now, can we?

Some of us have supernatural gifts- we see unseen people, talk to them, have our thoughts broadcast on the radio, and communicate with others via smart mediums- such as electromagnetic waves, now, what’s wrong with that?

Well, I do not have a choice. I have been made, to see a psychiatrist.

I register my defiance, choosing to ignore all of his questions.

Up until when he asks if I hear voices. I look up at him, and suddenly I remember Collins?

What if, this doctor, is my savior

Could he, help me get Collins back?. With tears in my eyes, I whisper, barely audibly, ‘Yes’

‘I hear voices.’

‘I want Collins back, can you help me?’ He looks at me, and I note kindness in his eyes. I am desperate for Collins. I really am.

The doctor asks some more questions, and I respond. ‘Please, I need Collins back! I can’t live without him!’

I register the horror on Reina’s face but right now, I could really care less. People on hearth just didn’t understand.. But I think this doctor does.

And so, I listen to him.

He gives me some drugs and asks me to be dutiful at taking them. I respond in the affirmative.

I would do literally anything for Collins.



Abioye Peju is a final year medical student of Bowen University, with a palpable passion for writing. She is an ardent believer that behind every medical case, is a story itching to be told. She writes at


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