This is why you shouldn’t change your blog template so often

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Hello Blogger!

Its time for another #BloggingSeries, we hope you are ready? Today we are talking about blog templates and how necessary it is to frequently change them.

Your blog template determines the general look and feel of your blog and goes a long way to determine how visually appealing and accessible your blog is to readers.

There is nothing wrong with changing your blog template, in fact change can sometimes be good especially when it is done right. Imagine choosing the right color scheme header and gadgets for your blog. Your readers will definitely thank you for it.

So why then are we saying you shouldn’t do this so often?

You are building a brand

Whether you believe it or not, your blog is your brand. You don’t want to be seen as inconsistent or confused because you keep changing the template every time you see something new. That is why you have to be sure of your decision when you are choosing a template. Make sure it is what you love and can work with for a considerable length of time.

You can upset your readers

Your readers are one of the most important stakeholders in your blogging journey. You can imagine if every time they visit they have to start searching for where the home button or other important buttons are on your blog because you keep changing the template. They won’t want to visit as often as they should.

There’s more to your blog than the template

This may sound harsh but trust us when we say we are just being honest. If you keep changing your blog template at the slightest chance, will you ever have time to create content,write, reply your readers, promote your blog posts, attend blogger meet ups?

Not really.



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