Here’s how to set your writing goals for the New Year


Hello Sparkle Writers!

Happy New Year. We are excited about what will come from your writing passion this year. 

To ensure that you have a fab 2017 we are kicking off the blog with this much needed post. We know some of you are aware that you need to set writing goals but don’t know how.

So here we go.

Be realistic

Let’s start the year right. There is no point setting goals that you know are unrealistic. We know miracles happen but hey let’s be serious. Don’t say your goal for the month is to publish twenty books when you have a regular job and don’t have enough time to even post on your blog.

Set realistic goals. It’s ok to say you want to publish your first book in a month but twenty? That’s a bit too much.

Think of the end result

Now, don’t just set goals because everyone is doing so. Never set a goal because your author friend also set that goal, set personal goals, goals that will actually help you move forward in your writing career. Your writing goal should be quite different from Wole Soyinka’s writing goal. Or don’t you think so?

At the end of 2017, what do you want to have achieved with your writing? That’s what should guide your goal setting.

set goal, make plan, work, stick to it, reach goal - a success c

Write them down 

This is very very important. Don’t form your writing goals in your head and believe that things will go just fine. Write down your goals. Every single one of them. There is something very powerful about having your goals written down in your handwriting and going over it periodically. It has a way of motivating you to achieve them

Make an action plan

It is one thing to have goals. It is another thing to know how to make those goals a reality. You want to become a published author in 2017, so what do you need to do? Look for publishers, start writing. Whatever it is you need to do, start doing it now .

It’s not just about setting goals, you’ve got to make them happen!

This Saturday we will host a few writers to teach them how to set the right goals and achieve them too. To join us, please send an email to [email protected]

Here’s to a fabulous 2017!




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