#SWChristmasCampaign – “Christmas is a reminder that even if I don’t get the new clothes…there is one person whose love is still ever sure.” Olamide Aturu


Time gives us a new meaning of life and for Olamide Aturu, Christmas that used to mean wearing new clothes and eating mummy’s sweet fried rice now means sleeping without having to mind the alarm clock! She took us back to our childhood and then brought us back to reality in a second!


Christmas for me used to be that time when you get to wear new clothes and new shoes.

When Mummy’s rice and chicken had that extra sweetness you couldn’t understand.

When staying up late was acceptable. When you get to watch home-alone with all those cousins you have not seen throughout the year.

When you break your “kolo”(piggy bank) so you can play that balloon game and buy knockouts and disco lights…

Fast forward to twenty years later.

Christmas is that public holiday when I get to sleep and not think of the alarm clock.

When I do not have to worry about Lagos traffic and stress. When I get to eat what I want, when I want it..

Christmas is a reminder that even if I don’t get the new clothes or get to taste Mummy’s special rice and chicken…there is one person whose love is still ever sure and He is the reason for the season.


About Olamide


Olamide Aturu is a part shrink, part HR practitioner and whole writer. She loves writing, reading, acting and talking. She is passionate about writing almost as much as she is passionate about reading good books. She has a blog where she occasionally puts down her thoughts and reflections on almost everything. She hopes to delve into creative writing and content writing fully.

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