#SWChristmasCampaign – “Christmas means undiluted time with my mummy and my sisters and I don’t take it for granted. ” Adedotun Adejoorin


This entry by Adedotun is thought-provoking and it evokes all sorts of deep emotions. Christmas is truly a special season for all. Enjoy her entry.


Just like the past four years have been, I’m sitting here, writing this post, wondering what this year’s Christmas would be like.

Would it be a little off like the last four Christmases where everything looked like it needed you to be complete?

Will this year’s Christmas morning feel like all other mornings where I would wake up and still wish everything was a dream and I’d see your very happy face wishing my sisters and I Merry Christmas.

Or would I have to go to places, I’d rather not go to avoid remembering what we’ve lost?

You know, there are times it’s wise to reflect because it helps you appreciate what you would originally consider unimportant.

My Daddy used to be the centre of Christmas for me and my family; I think he received a special directive from God to make sure every year was special. Hehehe. He would take us out this year, impose a family photo shoot the next year or make compulsory ‘Chinese egg’ , I still don’t know why he thought eggs, tomatoes and sardine was Chinese.

I used to think he was over doing it sef.

But I don’t think I ever took any of those things seriously. I just felt it was the norm. Everybody should have this kinda Christmas right?

December 25, 2012, was different.  It was the first Christmas without daddy and nothing seemed right.

Nobody at home was excited; there was nothing to ginger us. Christmas was bland. I don’t even think we cooked anything that year, there was no point.

A Good Samaritan remembered us and decided to take my mum and my sisters out, I was thrilled, and it looked like something was finally going right that day but it didn’t quite work out.

In the end it seemed like it would have been better if we even stayed at home.

The past few years have also been a bit off, with each one having something to remind me of my dad and the fun Christmases he used to give us.

Knowing that that time of the year can never be the same as when he was here, Christmas became something equally as special but different.

Christmas to me is a time to be grateful for the joys, sad moments experiences and people in our lives. It should be filled with appreciation for the opportunity to end another year. It is a time to give back for all we’ve received.

Christmas is a time to make beautiful memories. It means undiluted time with my mummy and my sisters and I don’t take it for granted.


About Adedotun Adejoorin


Adedotun Adejoorin is a  writer, content creator, personal development blogger and budding communications expert. Her work has been featured on Jabulani Space, The Beautified Network, The W community amongst others.

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