Master how to promote your blog on Instagram with these additional tips


Last week we started a series about the best way to promote your blog on Instagram. Today we have even more useful tips. So for those people who used last week’s tips, this is a follow up.

One thing that every blogger must do on Instagram is to engage with people. Whether they are bloggers, readers or brands.  Don’t just dump images on Instagram and run off. It will not help you build your readers/ followers. 

You should also leave a comment on other bloggers’ images, and reply to comments that people leave on your posts.  There is now a feature on Instagram which helps you like comments on your page. Use it.


There are many bloggers and companies that will be willing to team up with you for giveaways or to promote your blog content.

Find them.  Collaboration adds spice to your blog/ and Instagram account. This is especially important in growing your blog followership.

Be yourself 

This is super important, especially now when most people are trying to portray themselves in a certain way just to get likes and  followers.

Your Instagram followers will love you for who you are. There’s no need to pretend.


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