#ChroniclesOfAWriter -Why you need to leverage your network


Hello. Welcome to this week’s #ChroniclesOfAWriter post. I want to share something that I feel a lot of writers take for granted a lot and that is leveraging their network.

Most writers tend to be introverts. They like to be in their own space which allows them to tune into their creative side. I’m like that. I feel great when I’m in my room, listening to music and working on my laptop with little or no noise from my family members. That is my zone and I love it.

However, clients won’t come my way if I keep staying indoors. I’ve forced myself out of the house to go for events so that I do not miss out on opportunities to network with other writers and potential clients. This has helped me a lot.

You need to brush up your networking skills if you want writing to pay your bills. You must go for writing related events. You must advertise yourself and show people what you can do. No event is too small or insignificant because you never know who you will meet.

Every time I go for an event or conference, I always find someone who needs my services. Every time. One thing I will advice is for you to practice your one-minute pitch. If someone should ask you to tell them what you do, can you capture all that informationn in one minute or less? If you can’t, you need to start practicing.

After you meet people, you also need to stay in touch with them. They may not bring projects your way initially, but over time, it will happen or they will refer people to you. That has been my experience.

People only refer people that they trust. Find a way to gain the trust of your network. When anyone talks about writing, editing or creating content, your name must be the first that comes up in the minds of those who are within your network.

Later this month, I will be teaching 10 writers how they can leverage their platforms and become visible to potential clients. You should register for the course. You will learn what you need to do to make money as a writer.

Remember, your network is very important. Don’t take networking for granted and use social media properly to increase your chances of getting clients.

Writing can be a rewarding career; it all depends on the effort that you put into the process.

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