#WordOfTheDay- Glower means…


We just love getting new words and using them to form sentences with you. Our #WordOfTheDay series has been fun so far and today’s post won’t be different.

Today’s word is a verb that has something to do with anger or resentment.

Any ideas what it might be?

The word is Glower /ˈɡlaʊə/ which means to look or stare at something or someone angrily, with sullen dislike, or strong resentment.

Glower is similar in meaning to words like frown, glare, lour, look daggers, scowl, stare angrily.

Let’s use this word in a few sentences

Shade glowered at him suspiciously

Frank glowered at me after I sided with Brenda in their dispute about the chores.

If Janet did not glower so much, people would be more likely to approach her.

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