#WriterSpotlight – “I got discouraged after losing my first story.” -Obi Mmesoma


Who else thinks a world filled with only writers and readers will be so much fun? Well, our guest on today’s edition of #WriterSpotlight does!

Mimi is a student,  young writer and poet who is enjoying her writing journey. Enjoy her interview with us.

Hello, please introduce yourself

I’m Obi Mmesoma . Some people call Mimi or Mimi Obi. I’m a poet, writer, lover of music and a book addict. I’m a student of the University of Port Harcourt, a lover of God but not a religious fanatic.

When did you start writing professionally?

I started telling stories in my primary school days using illustrations and telling my story as I drew. I started writing and keeping my works in 2012 and my writing career officially started last year.

What is the biggest lesson writing has taught you?

Writing has taught me I can always do better, and I should never get discouraged. When I wrote my first story it was awesome and I was attached to it but when it got lost and I never saw it again, I was discouraged. I really felt sad because it drained me but that experience made me a better person with better stories to tell.

Did you always know you wanted to be a writer?

I always knew I wanted to tell stories but at the initial stage it was not really something I wanted to do professionally. Maybe to pass time, I thought, but now I know better.

You are a freelance writer, how rewarding has that been?

Freelance writing for me has not been very rewarding because most of the time people don’t regard writing as something serious and when there are job offers, they don’t expect that you should get paid, after all it’s ‘just writing.’ But it’s still my journey and I believe it’s going to get better.

What’s the worst thing anyone has said about your article?

When I wrote a poem and someone told me since they didn’t understand my write up and it did not have any meaning.

Has there been any time you wanted to quit writing?

No, although I get lazy to write, I’ve never had it in mind to quit.


Do you have a writer crush?

YES, I do. I love Sidney Sheldon, although he is late. I love the way he creates strong female characters, and I also love Dan Brown. I want to take a tour in his world of thoughts.

What’s your pick;

African delicacy or continental dishes? African delicacy.

Fashion or music? Music. I love music.

Watching the TV or reading a book? I would read a book any day.

What advice would you give your younger self?

Don’t be lazy to write and nothing you have written is insignificant

What would you say is your ultimate dream as a writer?

That’s a big question; to create a world of readers and writers and etch my name in the sands of time with other great writers.

Do you consider writing work or pleasure and why?

I consider writing as pleasure because most times the inspiration comes when I’m just having fun and I write better when I’m relaxed, listening to good music or after reading a book. It’s exciting to me.

Any last words for other writers?

Your writing does not necessarily have to make sense to everyone. When it makes sense to a particular set of people, it is satisfying. Write because you have a story to tell, a new kind of knowledge to pass and don’t stop writing no matter how hard it seems.

One thought on “#WriterSpotlight – “I got discouraged after losing my first story.” -Obi Mmesoma

  1. I can relate to this soo much except I didn’t loose my first story but my first two blogs were a massive flop but the third on although not as great as I want it to be, it still brings a souring 21 followers.

    And that’s enough encouragement to go forward for me. Also I relate so much to people who say ” it’s just writing” and I hope to one day prove them wrong by changing the world one word at a time



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