3 things every writer should do about technological trends



Learning about new trends and technology hacks the gurus speak of can be boring and even make your head spin. The worst part of it will probably be the fact that things change so fast and you can’t seem to keep up.

Here are 3 simple things every writer needs to do about technological trends;

Don’t ignore new developments.

Yes, we know these developments come too frequently. It’s like you are trying to figure out what this new app is about and then boom, it becomes outdated because something else has been introduced into the market. That is, however, not enough reason to ignore or turn a blind eye. As a writer, try as much as possible to stay updated about what is happening in the tech world. Technology is very important especially with connecting us to our readers whether online or offline.

Don’t over think it

Some writers allow the frequent updates and all the numerous terms to overwhelm them. This is not acceptable. All these inventions have been created to make your life and career better. All you need to do is to take one step at a time and keep it simple. Don’t try to learn and apply all the tricks in one day.

Use what works for you

In all of these, learn and stick to what works for you. Learn to optimally utilize the internet without giving yourself such a hard time. You don’t have to be on all social media sites. Choose the one that helps you connect most with your audience. Don’t do anything just  because the next writer is doing it.

Most importantly, stay informed and stay relevant.

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