This is how to crush your biggest writing fears.


Hello, Sparkle Writer! How are you doing? Let’s start the week by talking about how you can crush the three biggest writing fears you may have.

Fear of the Unknown

When you are a newbie it’s hard. There are so many questions. Who will read my work? Will I be paid for writing? Sometimes this fear can cripple you and prevent you from ever getting anything written down.

Although your fear is legit you should not pay so much attention to it. This is a journey don’t so expect everything to work well but you’ve got to start anyway.

Setbacks, failure, and rejection go with the territory, but you will definitely have the good times.

Fear of success

This may sound a little weird but there are writers who are scared of the attention success brings. It puts some kind of pressure on them. Imagine writing a bestseller – this puts pressure on you when you want to write another. You will want to keep up or even increase the standard.

However, you need to ensure that you keep it real. You may get suggestions from people on what to write in their bid to ‘help’ you but you need to be true to yourself. That was probably what made readers connect with your work previously. It’s a code that cannot go wrong.


Fear of inadequacy

This is a big big problem for budding writers. There’s always the feeling of your writing being not good enough. You want to keep editing and editing and sometimes tempted to never publish. Don’t fall into it. You have a message and it is definitely worth sharing.

Don’t let your fears stop you from being a successful writer. You can always get in touch with us for a dose of encouragement.



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