#GrammarSeries – The difference between anyway, any way and anyways

Grammar concept with toy dice

Our #GrammarSeries is getting more interesting. Thank you for your comments, likes and shares.

Today’s post will help answer a question you may have had for such a long time. You can thank us when you are done reading.

You have seen people use anyway and anyways. You probably have wondered what the difference is and did not get any favorable reply. This is the answer you have been searching for.

Anyway is an adverb that means nonetheless” or “regardless”.

Here’s an example.

I didn’t see your text message. Anyway call me later. 

Anyways has the same meaning with anyway but is considered an informal word. So when you are tempted to say anyways, ditch that and just use anyway.

Any way on the other hand is quite different. Please note  that there are two separate words.

Any way can be replaced by “in any manner” or by “by any means”:

Look at this example.

 To get my children to eat healthy, I usually bribe them in any way I can. 

 Now you can thank us 🙂


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