How to develop your self-esteem as a writer

This is how to handle criticism like a pro

Self esteem is one of the most important things every writer needs to succeed. As a writer you are exposed to all manner of criticism and comments from readers, editors, publishers or plain haters.

So how do you make sure all these negative comments don’t affect your self esteem and prevent you form doing what you love?


Good writers love and appreciate other good writers. Reading helps you to appreciate someone else’s gift and in return the gift that you have. Read about other writers’ achievements, their lives, what makes writing special and just be inspired.

Expect rejection

One of the things that can kill a writer’s esteem is rejection. It is always very disappointing to see negative remarks about your work especially after working so hard on it. Although it sounds weird, if you expect rejection it wouldn’t really hurt when it comes right?

This is not to say that you should not do good work. Please do, but don’t expect that everyone would love it the way you do. That way you are not disappointed. Even the best writers have their work sent back as unacceptable.

Get used to it. Editors don’t always behave rationally, and occasionally say things  like “This isn’t a good fit for us.” Don’t take it personal.

Learn to distinguish between constructive criticism and thoughtless remarks.

Be patient

All evidence and historical example shows us that it takes many years of rewrites and heroic perseverance to endure the writing industry. There’s no fast success. To get published, it’s essential to have realistic expectations about how long it will take.

Whatever happens in your writing journey should toughen you and encourage you to do more not to toy with your self esteem.

You have what it takes; now, prove it to the rest of the world because we believe in you already!


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