Blood on the country by Taiwo Oluwatosin Joel


A loud horn sounded on a highway. There was standstill and this was due to the traffic control. POM! POM!! came the sound from the hooter of a particular Toyota Camry Car. “Birdbrain man, don’t you know what a red sign means on a traffic signal?, yelled a van driver at the car driver . POM! POM!! POM!!! the horning continued from this same car. “Can’t you all move!”shouted Bode, ignoring the offensive words from the van driver. “Please, stay with me mum, you know you are the only one I have got”said Bode, looking at his back seat where his mother sat at the brink of death gasping for breath. Bode’s mum has been suffering from failure of the lungs. She needed to be placed on oxygen and they have got almost no time.

Few moments later, the traffic light turned green and there was movement. Bode drove as fast as he could. “Oh Christ, why this standstill again? I don’t remember there is a traffic signal on this road”, Bode altered softly at the cusp of tears, putting his two hands on his head in demonstration. He looked back at his mum battling to stay alive. Shortly after, movement began. Getting to a junction, Bode discovered the hold-up was due to a deliberate halt by Policemen because of a Political figure that was going to make a   U-turn in company of his long convoy. Saying to himself, “I leave you people to God”.

Bode drove into a government hospital with bolting speed, he didn’t bother parking properly. He carried his mum and raced into the hospital, shouting in tears, “please oxygen, please help save my mum!” All patients at the reception stared at Bode like they have just seen a man playing pranks. He went to a nurse, “please, nurse, my mum needs to be placed on oxygen”, said Bode with a sober voice. “Ok, you have to fill this form and deposit some amount while I go get her a patient cloth”, said the nurse.”Please, there won’t be time for that. Place her on oxygen, thereafter, I will fill whatever forms you want me to”, Bode said in tears.”Oga, please we don’t run this hospital like that”, the nurse replied vulgarly. She gave him a form to fill and went to get a patient cloth for Bode’s mum.

30mins later, the nurse returned. “Hope you’re done filling the form? I had to wait for the cloth to dry. You know very well this is a government hospital and the materials we have can’t go round at a time”, said the nurse. No reply from Bode. He sat on the floor with his head bowed and his eyes saturated with his tears. His mum laid lifeless in his hands .

About Taiwo Oluwatosin Joel
Taiwo Oluwatosin Joel goes by the pen name Theo-ziny Joel.  He is a Nigerian writer/poet/script writer. He is known for his tragic and African contemporary style of writing.  All of his writing can be found on his blog a fast growing online blog which started some few months ago.

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