3 mistakes you must avoid when setting your writing goals


You have been told that you need to set writing goals and now you are pumped and can’t wait to start writing. So you pick up your pen and paper (or journal), and write away.

By the time you are done, if those goals have any of the following errors we are about to mention, you need to correct them immediately.

Copied goals.

If you are setting writing goals just because somebody else is, there is a problem. The reasons why you write your goals will go a long way in determining if you will achieve them or not. Write your goals because you want to, not just because somebody else is writing.

Another thing you should not do is copy someone else’s goal. That is just wrong. Your friend’s writing goal might be to finish writing her book in one month but your love for her does not give you enough reason to copy her goal. Write your own.

Set your goals based on what you want to achieve, not what somebody else wrote.

Small goals

This is a no no. Never ever set small goals just because you don’t believe in yourself. You are shooting yourself in the leg.

As much as we don’t encourage setting unrealistic goals like writing 100 books in a year, we do not approve setting small, or lazy goals either.


Timeless goals

If you do not add timelines to your goals there is a high possibility that you will not achieve them. You want to publish your first book, when?

Set a deadline for yourself and start working on it immediately. A goal without a deadline is  a dream.

If you have missed any of our posts on setting your writing goals,  you need to check them out.

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