Things to do before accepting guest posts on your blog


Hello Sparkle Writers, how is your blog progressing?

One thing we have constantly advised our bloggers to do is welcome guest bloggers to add spice and attitude to the blog. Although this idea is very good there are a few things you must put in place before accepting or calling for guest bloggers.

Today’s post will be dedicated to telling you how to get your blog ready for guest posts and managing guest bloggers.

Create guest post guidelines

This is the first and most important thing to do. Where there is no law, there’s no sin. You will save yourself a lot of stress and headache when you create clear guidelines on your expectations from each writer. It can also increase the quality of posts you receive by providing useful tips and blog-specific information to writers.

Research your potential writer. 

There’s no harm in knowing a little bit more about your potential writer. You need to have a measure of trust in the people who will write on your blog. We are not asking you to become the FBI; we just want you to be a bit careful. Check their social media pages, and make sure they are the kind of people you want posting on your blog. You don’t want somebody’s bad social media page to affect your blog rating.

Let each writer upload their own posts.

As much as possible give your guest writers the opportunity to upload their own posts. This will save you the stress of uploading their posts every time they have to  put up something on your blog. However for privacy, be careful what role you give them on your blog. Instead of making everyone an administrator or giving them your password, open up a separate panel for them and make them contributors. This way they can upload the posts but not necessarily publish without your approval.

At least you’d be able to review their posts before it goes up.




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