#WordOfTheDay – Beguile has two meanings


Hello Sparkle Writers! It’s Wednesday and time for another #WordOfTheDay series. Before we go to today’s word, can we do a quick recap of what we talked about last week? If you cannot remember, click here to refresh your memory. 

Now back to the word of the day.

Ever heard of beguile before? This word has two completely different meanings and we are gong to look at both of them today;

Beguile /bɪˈɡʌɪl/

Beguile can mean to charm or deceive someone.

For example;

The Governor beguiled voters with good looks and a sweet tongue.

Don’t be beguiled by what she says, she is at fault. 

Words that mean the same thing with this word include:  charm, attract, enchant, captivate, woo, ensnare, entrap and any more.

Beguile on the other hand can also mean to pass time pleasantly 

Here’s a quick example,

To beguile some of the time, my sister and I went to buy food and watch a movie at the the cinema.

Words similar in meaning to this word includes: entertain, occupy, delight, please engage, divert, distract, pre-occupy.

Please note what each meaning stands for and be sure you know when to use these words.



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