Revamp your blog this year with these tips


Hello Sparkle Writers. Welcome to our first blogging post for the year.

This year we are starting on a great note, we will be talking about how you can revamp your blog.For most people who have been blogging for a while, it may get tedious and boring doing the same thing over and over again. So a blog revamp is necessary.

One thing you can do to revamp your blog is to

Start a blog series 

If you are getting bored with your blog content maybe it’s time to start a new blog series.

You can introduce fashion,  lifestyle or  fiction categories to your blog depending on what you want. Fresh content has a way of bringing in life to your blog.  It will encourage you to blog more and keep your readers interested.



Change your blog design 

Tired of your blog and the way it looks?  Maybe it’s time to spice up your blog design. Look for a web designer or change your blog template. Make sure whatever design you choose is simple and very beautiful.You don’t want to choose something that your readers find  difficult to navigate through.

Change your blog header 

For many of us, we started our blog as amateurs and were not very keen the header design, we just wanted to blog and so we used whatever design  we could find our hands on.  But after a few years, don’t you think it’s time to change that header?

You will think it’s just a header but there’s something about newness. It makes you want to visit the blog over and over again.

Guest blog 

Look for a guest blogger and let the person add spice to your blog. Your readers can do a lot with a new personality on your blog. It will also relieve you of the stress of blogging too frequently.

We hope you adopt the tips and enjoy the newness your blog will experience.








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