#WordOfTheDay – Solicitous means…

It’s the first day of our #WordOfTheDay series for the new year. If you have not taken your vocabulary seriously before you need to pay attention to it this year. A good writer must have a proper grasp of words.
That said, let’s move on to today’s post.
Our word for the day is solicitousSolicitous means to show interest or concern.
It can also mean to be careful or particular about something or someone.
Look at these examples;
My lecturer was always solicitous about our welfare. 
My boss is quite solicitous about his work ethics.
Other words that can be used in place of  solicitous  are : anxious, attentive, concerned, caring, mindful, interested, thoughtful, worried. 
Now that you know the meaning f the word, use it appropriately!

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