These tips will help you blog consistently


There are over a million blogs in the world but only a pitiful percentage is updated frequently. Most bloggers start with so much excitement but a few months down the line they are struggling to keep up with updating.

Or maybe your challenge is finding a balance between your 9-5 job and posting regularly on your blog. Whatever the case may be you need to know that consistency is key to growing your blog traffic hence you need to regularly add fresh content to your blog.


Here are a few things you can do to ensure you update your blog consistently

  • Decide when you want to update

Don’t start a blog without a proper plan. If you do, you’d never get the results you want. Well except you want your blog to never be seen or known. Plan all your blogging activities and decide how many articles you want to write a week. Do you want to post daily, or thrice a week.  Whatever you decide make sure you have what it takes t sustain it. This way your readers will know when you update your blog and will expect the articles accordingly.

  • Write on weekends

If you have a 9-5 job on weekdays this is a viable option. Try to write out all your posts for the week during the weekends and save them. You can sacrifice some of your rest time and just do as many posts as you can. You can even write for the coming weeks. This way, you can schedule your posts in advance and you don’t have to worry about them though out the week.


  • Look out for content ideas

Everything is blogable you just have to see it, too many times bloggers complain about how difficult it is to find blog post ideas. But if you are deliberate about it, you’d realize these ideas are around you. look for them, listen  to the and identify them properly. You would not see anything carrying a placard stating I am blog post ready. It’s up to you t find the ideas..

  • Write whenever you get ideas

Ideas are just that ideas and they can go as easily as they come. Don’t waste those ideas you get in the bus, during lunch hour, during your conversations with your friends, or when you are about to sleep. Every time you get an idea write it down quickly. You don’t want to lose the idea and get struck by writers block a few days later when you have to post something. And if you are not inspired t write, find the inspiration,


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