3 blogging mistakes you need to avoid



Hey Sparkle Writers, how has your blogging experience been? Great, we hope. If you have any questions you’d like us to address regarding the #Blogging series please ask them in the comments section and we’d answer them.

Today we are reviewing blogging mistakes that you need to avoid if you want your blog to grow.

The first mistake is inconsistency.

This is the commonest mistake most bloggers make. Many bloggers are inconsistent with their time publishing,  quality of articles or quality of pictures.

Bloggers need to have a schedule and flow that schedule else you’ll notice that a whole month will pass and you will have nothing to say on your blog. Don’t post good pictures today and tomorrow use the first random picture you see. It affects the overall image of your blog

Whatever you do with your blog remember that consistency is super important.

.Grammatical errors

This is something that can send the most loyal reader away. Bloggers need to properly edit every post before publishing. Grammatical errors make it difficult for your readers to understand your point and if they become too frequent you can lose blog readers. Don’t rush your posts. Remember that your blog is visible to a large number of people you don’t want to be seen as unserious or unprofessional.

Does each paragraph naturally follow the paragraph before it? Cut overly long sentences in two; replace difficult words with simple ones; and cross out redundant words

Check all these before you click publish,



You don’t know your audience

When you don’t know who your audience is, your blog posts become generic. They end up speaking to no one and just taking up space. Before you start blogging identify who your target audience will be so that each post can actively address their need. You are not blogging because you feel like you are blogging to serve the needs of a particular group of people.

Having lots of people read your posts is great. But when you write your next blog post, think of one person. Your post will instantly become more personal, more conversational, and more engaging.



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