Ikulajolu Adesola – 4 Great Skills That Will Awaken Your Writing Spirit

To succeed as a writer, you need to have certain skills. When you hone these skills, you will have a safe landing in your writing journey. Our contributor today, Adesola Ikulajolu, shares the four skills every writer must possess. 


Take it or leave it, these skills will spur you into action. If you have been doing it and you relented; I am sure you will feel re-energized.

Let us go on a journey through these skills.

Communication Skills

Have you ever heard of this saying before; “We communicate to live and live to communicate?” Even if you have heard about it, you may not have paid attention to it  and this could be because you thought it won’t be useful for you in your writing journey.

I’ll say this, “Stop that thought!” Unless you learn to communicate in every area as writer, you may find it difficult to meet up with the others who have gone ahead of you. You need good communication skills because being able to communicate effectively with people, readers and clients, will enhance your ability to get freelance writing opportunities.

Lack of effective communication skills will bring down your reputation. When you learn how to communicate properly, you will be able interact with your audience better, improve clients engagement and deliver your message effortlessly.

Persuasion Skill

Many writers believe that they are persuasive but this is not the case. Having the skill of persuasion is what I regard as “your selling point”. This is the skill that opens the doors for you to convince your audience or your potential clients.  For you to be an excellent writer you must be able to convince your reader in whatever area you may be writing about. You must be able to sell your idea effectively to your audience.

Whether you are a professional or a newbie, you must possess this skill in order to captivate and arrest the attention of your readers or clients because selling yourself to the outside world depends solely on this skill. Your ability to craft catchy headlines, mind-blowing content and fantastic analysis, all depend on this skill

Reading Skills

There are many writers who love to write but they ignore the part of reading. Don’t focus on writing alone. Also take time to read other people’s work. Doing this will help you see where you are lagging behind and you will also be able to brush up where you have loopholes in your niche.

A note of caution however – don’t compare yourself with others. Do it for the sake of improvement and professionalism. Learn to read other people’s work and even give credit if you can.  You will build a community of people who will want to listen to you when you do this.

The moment you stop reading, you start to shrink. Reading keeps you informed on the current and trending issues around. Always find time to research into newly discovered projects. Read wide and your scope will be wide.

Diligence Skills

Diligence is a vital skill that most successful writers possess simply because it involves hard work, regard for the readers or clients, effort to make improvement, concentration on the writing career, dedication to the work regardless of hindrances, commitment and perseverance in achieving your writing goal

It is important to have this skill because the beginning is always rough. Things may not work out exactly as you planned. Even if you are not currently getting the results you had planned in your writing career, don’t give up.  It is just a matter of time – persistence will see you through.

The professional writers you see out there, especially those who are making money out of writing, once started like you. Today,  even their success story brings in money as they share their experiences, challenges and how they made it.

It is your turn to rise up if you have been down. Get up and start doing that which your heart craves concerning your writing. Go ahead and practice these skills. I’m sure you will excel. It can only get better when you try.


About The Writer

Ikulajolu Adesola  is a young writer and avid reader who loves delivering information and knowledge with creativity and originality alongside timeliness and accuracy. He is devoted to writing, researching and helping others to rise. He has been featured in other magazines and sites.

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