#WordOfTheDay – Have you heard of foreboding?


It’s another #WordOfTheDay feature and today’s word is foreboding.

Ever heard of it before? It is pronounced /fɔːˈbəʊdɪŋ/. It means having a feeling that something bad will happen. or showing a sign of evil or calamity to come.

The following words can be used in place of foreboding: apprehension, anxiety, baleful, doomy, ominous, ill, ill-boding, inauspicious, minatory, dire, direful, portentous, sinister, threatening.

Look at these examples;

I have this strange foreboding that he would lose the race.

Some people think that black birds are a foreboding of evil.

Sola wrote the note with a sense of foreboding

Now that you know the meaning of this word we hope you’d use it when next you have the opportunity.

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