#WriterSpotlight – As Noel grows older, writing gets more fascinating for him


Today’s writer believes writing chose him right from Nursery School and as a result it is impossible for him to retire. How cool is that? Enjoy today’s #WriterSpotlight feature.

Hello, please introduce yourself.

Hi, everyone. I am Noel O. Louis. I love to be called Noel but close pals call me Soulileon. I am a lover of God and a vertical thinker.

What do you do?

I am a writer, a blogger and I write poetry.

Why did you choose to write or what led you to write?

I didn’t choose writing. Writing chose me right from Nursery school. As small as I was, I derived pleasure in scribbling stuff but I began writing more intelligibly with coherence at about six years of age.

You have been quite consistent with your blog posts, how have you been able to achieve this?

Passion drives me. Assiduousness, sacrifice and consecration are the fuel for my passion. I do my work – writing blog posts and postings – while men sleep. Though the bed whispers in a language I understand quite well, I just turn deaf ears until I have served humanity. Moreover, I have learnt to schedule my posts using Postcron and the inbuilt scheduler on my site.

Where is the weirdest place you have ever gotten inspiration?

In dreamland. When I am hit by a muse in my sleep, I awake and have it penned down; then I return to my sleep. Lol! That to me is quite weird.

What’s the worst thing anyone has said about your poem?

Interesting. None that I can think of. None. But I wish to have them coming in especially the constructive ones so as to be better.

How rewarding has writing been for you?

Writing is rewarding for me knowing that people’s lives are positively touched by my writing. Also, it eases my nerves whenever I feel tensed.

Will you ever retire from writing?

There’s no retirement for someone like me because the older I get, the more fascinating it becomes. As long as blood continues to flow through my veins, that’s how inspiration will continue to flow through my pen.

What has writing taught you?

Forgiveness, freedom and being a better version of myself. I’ve also learnt that you can’t have enough of learning.

If you were not writing what would you do?

Programming. I like the way stuff work and becoming a brain behind how those things work would be of great delight.

What do you do in your leisure time?

I read, but even while reading I still find myself writing. I love to cook also. Are you surprised? Oh, well, I love to be found in the kitchen cooking something for myself. Sorry, ladies; it’s just the way Mama brought up her male children.

Do you consider writing as writing or pleasure and why?

I used to consider it all pleasure until recently I learnt that I could also make a living out of it. So, for me, it’s both.

What advice would you give your younger self?

Oh, wow! This is interesting. My younger self? Okay, I’d tell him, “Be yourself; respect your elders; give to the less privileged in the society; never give up on your dreams because your older self never gives up on anything. Write when the inspiration hits you; don’t when it’s not there or else, you’ll be whiling away your time and stressing your brain.”

What is your ultimate dream as a writer?

My ultimate dream is to write stuff that would outlive me and still be impactful to those beautiful ones yet unborn.

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