Everyone has ideas. It’s possible to get ten in a day but how many people eventually turn them into stories? Probably just a few. You can be coming down from a BRT bus and the scene at the bus stop inspires you to write a story. S you grab your jotter and scribble a few lines. Days later you pick up the jotter and you can’t remember what in the world you were thinking when you wrote that down. You are not alone. Many writers have this challenge but what can you do about it?

Take a step. No idea can turn itself into a story. You have to do it. The fact that you got the idea in the bathroom when you couldn’t jot your thoughts down is not an excuse to give up on a story. If you have forgotten the way you initially decided to create your story, come up with something else. It’s a great way to exercise your creative muscles.

Make an outline. Ideas are fickle. If you don’t write down the outline for your story you may end up forgetting. Develop your ideas when they are fresh. The best time to write is now. What exactly do you want to achieve with your idea? Write it down. This makes everything easy to remember when you need to go back to the story.

Develop a fantastic scene. Why don’t you try to develop a scene already? Take your idea to another level. This scene should form the core of your entire story. Once this is done, you will have a story line to continue from when next you want to write.

What other methods have do you use to turn your ideas into stories?