12 Reasons Why You Are Good Enough to Write a Book

Hello, Sparkle Writers! Welcome to a new week. We know some of you would love to start writing but you keep second-guessing yourself. We are here to help you with that. We came across these 12 reasons why you are good enough to write a book and we knew we just had to share them with you!

Whether it’s a book, a blog post or an article that you want to write, we hope these 12 reasons will spur you to do so immediately!

1. If you’re not willing to give up on your dream…you are good enough.

2. If you’ve ever read a book and thought, “I can totally do this!”…you are good enough.

3. If someone’s ever asked you, “How did you write that?”…you are good enough.

4. If you’ve experienced a tragedy and you came out stronger…you are good enough.

5. If you can hold a pen, with your hand, toes and even your mouth…you are good enough.

6. If you think your message can touch ONE life…you are good enough.

7. If people comment on your Facebook (or Instagram) posts saying how it blessed them…you are good enough.

8. If someone has ever said to you, “You should write a book!”…you are good enough.

9. If you’ve ever been so passionate about something you felt your heart would burst…you are good enough.

10. If you care about your family, neighbours, friends, or the world…you are good enough.

11. If you’ve ever felt pain…you are good enough.

12. If you’ve ever wished you could inspire others the way a book inspired you…you are good enough.

If one of these things is true…You. Are. Good. Enough. Now go and write that story! 


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