What to know before you create a social media page for your blog

Hello Sparkle Writers. Last time, we talked about the difference between getting traffic and building an online community. Since the post was such a hit we figured we would do a sequel on what you need to put in place before you think of building a community. Grab your notepad because there’s so much to learn!

It is a lot of work.

Make no mistake about it. Opening a Facebook page, WhatsApp group or any other social media platform for the sake of growing your online community is a lot of work. If you are not ready to commit to doing ALL it takes, it is better you don’t start. There are too many abandoned pages on social media. Yours should not be part of it.

Your followers won’t increase overnight.

Those popular bloggers with one million views on Youtube have put in several months and sometimes years of work to get to where they are. Do not expect that in three weeks you’d achieve what they have in three years. Your followers will grow, it will just not be overnight.

You need to be consistent.

If you want to post three times a week then do so. Whatever frequency you decide to go with, make sure you follow it diligently. Remember you are managing a page. You can’t afford to go silent on the group and allow members to do what they please.

Giveaways alone don’t cut it.

Don’t misquote us. Giveaways are good, not just good, they are great! But if that is your only strategy to increase your readers then you’ve failed before you even started. Your content is KING and that’s one sure way of gaining loyal followers giveaway or no giveaway. Many people will like your page, follow you on Instagram and share your post because they want to win.  What you post afterwards determines where they’d stay.

We hope this helped!


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