#GrammarSeries – 20 Ways to Avoid Using The Word ‘Very’

Hello Sparkle Writers! Welcome to another Grammar Series on The Sparkle Writer’s Hub. Today, we want to teach you how to avoid using the word ‘very’ when you write. 

‘Very’ is not a bad word. The problem is that when you use it too much, your creative muscles become lazy. Instead of saying, “I am freezing,” you opt for “I am very cold.” As writers your choice of words matters. ‘Freezing’ evokes more emotion than ‘very cold’.

To help you avoid using the word ‘very’ too often, we have a list of alternatives that you will find useful. 

1.  Very Afraid – Terrified, Frightened.

2. Very Bad – Inadequate, Atrocious.

3. Very Beautiful – Alluring, Exquisite.

4. Very Clever – Intelligent, Brilliant. 

5. Very Happy – Excited, Elated. 

6. Very Worried – Anxious, Distressed. 

7. Very Strong – Powerful, Sturdy.

8. Very Rude – Impolite, Cheeky. 

9. Very Fast – Quick, Swift.

10. Very Slow – Lengthy, Time-Consuming. 

11. Very Thin – Slim, Lean. 

12. Very Quiet – Silent. Tranquil.

13. Very Serious – Solemn, Significant. 

14. Very Neat – Orderly, Immaculate. 

15. Very Tired – Exhausted, Drained. 

16. Very Stressed – Pressurized, Burdened. 

17. Very delicious – Mouth-watering, Appetizing. 

18. Very Risky – Dangerous, Perilous. 

19. Very Big – Spacious, Roomy.

20. Very Important – Critical, Paramount. 


2 thoughts on “#GrammarSeries – 20 Ways to Avoid Using The Word ‘Very’

  1. Very is a word I need to cut out. As I edit my work, I find so many verys – argh!



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