The difference between getting traffic and building a community

Hey Sparkle Writers! There is something we would love to share with you today and we know you’ll find it very useful. Before we go on, we’d like to ask a question; do you know that there is a difference between building an online community and getting blog traffic? Yes, there is and we will explain the difference. 

Traffic is the amount of views you get either on your blog or on a particular post. These views come from different sources – Google searches, Facebook, Instagram. Every day on your blog, you get will get a varying number of readers. This traffic your blog or a post on your blog gets cannot always be controlled by you. 

There are times people stumble on your blog as a result of a post or a link shared on social media, but they don’t stay or return. You can call them one time visitors. Sometimes, an unrelated search result may have brought them to your blog but they can easily go away after reading that post, especially if there’s nothing compelling enough to keep them coming.

A community, on the other hand, is very different. Your community consists of a group of people whom you have groomed through conscious and concerted efforts. You can build your community through several social media platforms; an email list, a Facebook page, Whatsapp group etc. The people in your community genuinely love you (or at least they love your blog), what you do and have chosen to hang out with you because of what you have to offer.

Remember that since it is a community, you have to interact with the people in your tribe. Don’t expect to get so many people in your email list one month after setting it up. Bloggers who have a large following in their tribe have built it consistently over a long period of time.

Growing a community is not easy but is very rewarding. Give the people in your tribe value. Respond to their comments. Get them involved in your blog one way or the other. This could be either through features, guest posts of even giveaways. 

If you ask us which is more important we’d say growing a community; just because it is long term and the benefits are immeasurable. 


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