Read this and you’ll never run out of ideas (at least for a while)

We get asked this question a lot of times; “What can I do to never run out of ideas?” We figured that since it is so important to you, we should provide you with the answers you need and help you to be a better writer.

Most writers are scared that if they use up all the ideas they have, they will not get any new one soon. Others are wasting time deciding whether or not to blog because they are not sure whether the idea juice (yep, we formed that word) will keep flowing.

This should not be an issue and we’d show you why.

If you write about what you love you’d never have to search for topics to write about. We are not saying there won’t be days when the ideas may seem to be far away from you but eventually you will get something because you are writing about something you are passionate about. There will always be something new you have learnt or something fresh you experienced. That’s your story idea right there. Write about it. Don’t wait till something ‘big’ comes up before you write. That little thought circling in your head is worth it so put pen to paper and write. There is no big or small idea.

Here are some tips that will help you to keep ideas flowing;

Pay attention

Ideas pass through our noses every day and we don’t SEE them because we are not paying attention. When you read books, you get tonnes of topics to write about but you have never noticed. When you talk to people more ideas which you could write about would have come to you but they didn’t seem important enough. It is time to start paying attention. 

Lower your standards

Before you crucify us, read everything we have to say about this. Don’t try to get everything right the first time. Perfection can sometimes be a barrier to progress. Get the basics down first.  You can worry about the rest and how to fine tune it later. 

Believe in your work.

Stop thinking everyone is better than you. Stop thinking your idea isn’t good enough. Believe in what you write and push to become better. True confidence means pushing boundaries, failing miserably, and having the strength to stand back up again.

Our conclusion is that ideas are all around you; every minute every day? Are you eyes open to see them and are you bold enough to take hold of them and turn them into words?


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