The Sparkle Writers were at the National Spelling Bee and this is what happened


If you follow us on Instagram you’d know that we attended the Lagos Regional Finals of the Spelling Bee  some weeks ago. Well we were invited to the National Finals of the competition and we couldn’t turn down the offer.

We arrived at NECA Hall to an already packed hall and the competition was just about to start. There were thirty contestants at the beginning and each one of them had to spell a number of words before their scores were collated.

After this round, scores from a previous round the spellers had in camp and this round were collated to determine who moved to the next round.


Twenty out of thirty spellers qualified for the next round and then the elimination stage began. Every wrong word spelt meant the speller was out of the competition.

Oh, we forget to mention that the lyrics of the theme song were quite nice. This is one line we absolutely love. “Be a word slayer, believe in your dreams, know your ABC and know that you are a champion.”

After about six rounds, we finally had a winner and spellers in second and third place.

It is interesting to note that the winner of the competition Adedipe Tirenioluwa was at the competition last year and came second. Her determination brought her to the competition this year and her win was truly memorable.


Everyone was super happy for her. Even the Sparkle Writers.

We even have a video of when she spelt her winning word ( You’d have to go to our instagram page to watch that.)   

The winner, apart from getting a cash prize for herself and teacher, also received an all expense paid trip to The Scripps Spelling Bee in Washington DC.

Aghomi Favour and Kokobassey Ephraim came 2nd and 3rd respectively. 

The event was beautiful we think the organizers did a fine job.



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