The danger of writing only when you are inspired


We know a number of writers will tell us over and over again that they can and will only write when they are inspired. 
Although this is quite easy to do and say but it is not advisable for anyone who wants to write seriously. 

Writing is an art. A skill that needs to be learned. Most of us have the writing ability in the raw form but we need to fine tune such skill so that people can appreciate it better. 

The only way to do that is by writing. 


You won’t always feel like writing but when you know there’s work to do and reader are waiting you’ve got to practice. 

Look, inspiration and passion are nice.

There’s nothing better than sitting down in front of the blank page with a hot idea and everything seems to flow

But, if you wait around all day to come up with an idea and for inspiration to strike, what will you do if it nothing comes?

Will you wait till tomorrow, next week, or next month for inspiration to tap you on the head and say “Hey I’m ready” or will you just go for it? 


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