This is why bloggers must be honest

Blogging can be a very attractive activity. Just knowing that you have a tribe of people who love you and are loyal to you is enough. Most times bloggers tend to inflate the truth  or edit their reality just to make people interested. You want to pretend to be who you are not because other bloggers are doing it. 

Here’s a piece of advice. 

Stop faking it. Bloggers who are not honest will not last. You will not be able to keep up for a long time. Imagine having to always put up a picture with your face made up because you’ve made your readers believe that you are a beauty enthusiast when in fact you have days when you just want to walk around with your bare face. 

When you write, write honestly. Don’t try to fake another bloggers writing voice because you think that’s why he has so many readers. It won’t work. 

Readers sense fakes a mile away.

Most times you want to follow the trends, when they say there is a new style in your niche you immediately want to jump on it and even put your on twist to it.  After all blogging and trends have a lot in common. But you must be careful so you don’t loose yourself and essence in all the trends. 

Your readers love you, they want to see you don’t disappoint them. 



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