What every writing newbie must know


Working on something new or entering a new industry can be quite intimidating. You don’t know what to expect or how things work and every advice you get is good advice, until you try it and find out that some of them are not so great.

Here are three things every writing newbie must know. 

Let Go of Your Fear of Failure, or Success

Fear is something that hinders many newbies from going forward with a project. Most times you open your blog and then stop in between because you just asked yourself ‘who will read this?’ It’s time to let go of that fear of failure  and just write. Somebody is waiting to read your blog post. Don’t think about how to get publishers for now and then become overwhelmed because nobody is contacting you or accepting your manuscript. One thing at a time.

Watch and Learn

This is a normal code for any newbie right? You are new and one of the best ways to learn is to shadow others in the industry, see how it is done and then replicate in your own way, not just copy and paste.

Ask questions where need be and apply the answers you get with wisdom.

Be patient 

No book has ever been written overnight. You’re in for a long haul. This may take a year, or more. Oh, and since we’re on it: prepare to write more than one book. Publishers want authors, not single books.

More than anything, believe that you can do this, trust your process and have a great time writing. If you ever need some more encouragement, remember that The Sparkle Writers Hub is here for YOU.


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