#WorldBookDay – The most beautiful libraries that will melt your heart


Hello Sparkle Writers! It’s a beautiful Thursday morning and if you don’t know already, its #World BookDay! To celebrate this day we have searched for the most beautiful libraries in the world. and have picked five that we couldn’t take our eyes off.

Reading is fun but, reading in any of these libraries will be pure bliss!

In no particular order, here are five of the most beautiful libraries in the world.

Seattle Central Library – Seattle, Washington, USA

Seattle Central Library has a distinctive and gleaming geometric design that makes it stand out in the Pacific Northwestern city. This public library  serves  the entire Seattle, Washington and beyond.  Just look at this edifice and you will understand why it is on this list.

Bibliotheca Alexandrina – Alexandra, Egypt

This stunning library houses eight million books, four museums, art galleries and even a planetarium ( if you don’t know what this means we suggest you grab a dictionary)! The gray Aswan granite walls are etched with 120 different scripts to pay tribute to the richness of human language, while the reading room is situated under a stunning glass roof – which is angled towards the ocean and measures almost 525 feet across. Whatever you read in this library has to stick you know!

Everything is created to inspire admiration and to remind the visitor of the importance of the library’s past role.


Vasconcelos Library – Mexico City, Mexico

In 2006, this library was  designed to reorganize available human knowledge. Just look at the library and tell us if they didn’t surpass that objective. The sleek temple of learning was also integrated with a botanical garden,  as a showcase for the work of some of Mexico’s artists. We love it!


Stuttgart City Library – Stuttgart, Germany

If you are a minimalist then you would love to spend days if not weeks just staring at the Stuttgart City Library. It’s gleaming pristine surfaces and staircases makes the library airy. Why won’t any book lover want to come here?

Macquarie University Library – Sydney, Australia

This library does not just pride itself in its cutting edge design. It has pioneering technology  to match. It is home to the first Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) in any college in the country; this uses robot cranes to pick up books and convey them to the front desk. Pretty cool right? The library has more than 1.8 million electronic and print items.



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