#WordOfTheDay – You should know what ‘onus’ means


We know you have probably heard this word before but can you spell it? Have you used it in a sentence before?

Well after you read today’s post you will be able to spell and use this word in sentences.

Onus is pronounced /ˈəʊnəs/.

Onus has a number of meanings. It could mean responsibility or duty. It could also mean burden, stigma or blame.

Do you know any words that mean the same thing with onus? Here are a few; burden, duty, charge, mantle, load, obligation, liability.
Now let’s look at a few examples.
The onus is on you to show him what next to do. 
We are  trying to shift the onus for child security on the creche. 
 Now  that you know what it means and how to spell it. We hope you can use the word appropriately.

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