How do you demand respect for your writing skill?


Many times writing is not taken as a serious profession. People tend to think writing is just one of those things and even if you want to write you need a serious profession to add to it. This is not true. Writing is serious business and should be treated as such.

Today, we want to teach you how you can demand respect for your craft from people around you. Are you ready?

Respect your writing. 

If you don’t treat your profession with respect, nobody will. Have you seen the way Doctors, Lawyers and other people act when they are asked what they do? They respond with pride. Gone are the days when you need to be an Engineer before you should be respected. Talk boldly and proudly about what you do. Respect your writing time; protect it.

Make sure other people respect your writing.

When you respect your writing, other people will do the same. When you are writing let nobody come into your space. Let them not think that your writing period is when they are free to disturb or chat with you. You are writing, you are busy, period.

Groom your writing.

If you respect your writing skill  you will prove it by grooming it. The better you write the more people will appreciate you and your skill. Don’t be the same writer you were a month ago, be better. If you need to brush up your skills, please do it.

If you need to get a writing coach, don’t hesitate to get one. What you love and respect, you train.


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