Spice up your blog with these awesome ideas


Blogging is fun not just because you get to share your ideas and document your thoughts but also because of its diverse nature. As a blogger, you can choose from a variety of possible blog post types.

You don’t always have to write the same way all the time. You don’t want your blog to become boring overtime. This keeps your readers interested and leaves them guessing about what to expect in the next post.

Here are a few blog post types to choose from:

  •  How-to/tutorial posts

This is one of the most popular post types and one that arguably brings the most value to the reader. People always want to know how things are done. All you need to do is find out what your target needs and give it to them.

If you write for students you can create posts on how to prepare successfully for exams. The most important thing is to ensure you deliver on your promise to teach what you have promised.

You can add images to evaluate each step. This will help them understand properly.

  • Profile Posts

This is a great way to spice things up on your blog. You can profile someone famous in the field your blog is focused on. Your profile can give readers an idea into how the person became famous, what’s so special about them, what they have accomplished, and why your reader should love them too.

There is no hard and fast rule to writing this kind of posts. Make sure the information you are sharing is valuable, and interesting.

  • Stories

There’s nothing like a fantastic story to illustrate your ideas. Stories are one of the most reader-friendly types of blog posts. You can use a story to pass the most powerful messages while describing seemingly unrelated situations.

You can also have a series posts with your stories if you decide to write fiction. This keeps readers coming each time a new series is published on the blog. If your story is powerful enough you can grow a considerable number of followers during the series.


  •  Interviews

There are so many potential interviewees for your blog. You just have to find them. Depending on what your blog niche is, you can interview celebrities, artisans, professionals or everyday heroes. This is a way to celebrate the interviewee and also encourage your readers.

The interview can be done in a couple of different ways. You can meet with someone in person, you can email your questions to them and they will send you their answers. There are no limits.


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