Africa Check is hiring an Editor . Apply now


Africa Check, the independent fact-checking website, respected by news platforms across the continent for the fantastic work they are doing checking facts is hiring.

The company which started from South Africa, has gone to Kenya, then Senegal is now setting up operations in Nigeria and is looking for a full-time Editor in Nigeria.

This is what they want.

  • Have a well-honed nonsense detector,
  • At least 10 years’ experience of reporting news from Nigeria or abroad, for top quality media,
  • Are politically non-partisan,
  • Have a sound understanding of numbers and at least a bachelor’s degree in an applicable study field,
  • Can write accurate click bait,
  • Have been compared to Steve Jobs in the perfection you expect of subordinates,
  • Are willing to put your pinky on the chopping board that each report you publish is faultless.

Send a CV and cover letter explaining why you would be perfect for the position to  by Thursday 22 September. Also suggest a claim in the news that should be checked.

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