#WriterSpotlight – Kayode Ajomole was inspired to write after reading his uncle’s articles on the wall



Our guest on #WriterSpotlight did not expect to make money from writing. Today, he is a Lead Creative at Drow Media and award winning essayist. You will love his interview with us.

Hello please introduce yourself.

Kayode Ajomole is my name. I’m the Lead Creative at Drow Media, an outfit committed to providing individuals and organizations with result driven digital services. I’m also a national award winning essayist.

Did you always know that you were going to be a writer?

I never thought I’d take up writing as a source of income. I only taught it was good enough as my hobby.

You are a Content Creator, Blogger, Poet and Song Writer. How have you been able to harness all these talents?

Yes. There is a common thread that runs across them, and that is communication. They all involve cohesively stringing words together to convey a message. Hence, it’s been rather easy combining them.

By paying attention to myself,  watching  the vapour of my passion rise above the dark, I discovered I could create content and write songs, so I developed it.

Why do you write?

Initially, I wrote because my instincts, as a young boy,  prodded me to write. This instinct was sparked by my uncle who always wrote and pasted his articles on the wall in his room. I started by imitating his style, and sooner than later, I discovered I could write in my own words. Writing for me then became an outlet to pour out my thoughts and views. Writing is art.


What has been your most challenging moment as a writer?

I barely wrote in the university, so getting back to writing, and finding the confidence to call my self a writer, and share my works with a feeling of affirmation was challenging.

What’s the worst writing mistake you have ever made?

The one that comes to mind was when I had unknowingly submitted a poorly edited article for a major writing competition.

If you had the opportunity to meet three Nigerian authors who would they be and why?

Wole Soyinka – For his grasp and seamless blend of culture and grammar.

Ben Okri – For his lush poetic nuances.

Obafemi Awolowo – For his cohesiveness.

I’d ask them how they wrote what the world reveres.

What’s your pick;

Fiction or poetry? Poetry

Hip hop, R&B or Reggae music? R&B

Continental food or African delicacy? African delicacy

What’s your ultimate dream as a writer?

To have my works occupy a space among the best in the world, as one who wrote from his heart and influenced people positively.

What do you think of writing as a side job?

I believe one may choose to write full time. Careful planning and dexterity in honing your skills must be the foundation of this decision. And as a side job, it can be done. 

What’s the biggest lesson social media has taught you?

Social media has taught me that it is capable of granting me the most appropriate visibility, but the onus rests on me to consistently create good content that can resonate panoramically with all forms of people

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Read more literary works

Pay attention to thy self

Start early and be disciplined

I love these words by Professor William James, the famous Harvard Psychologist:

“Let no youth have any anxiety about the upshot of his education, whatever the line it may be. If he keeps faithfully busy each hour of the working day, he may safely leave the final result to itself. He can, with perfect certainty, count on waking up some fine morning to find himself one of the competent ones of his generation, in whatever pursuit he may have singled out.”


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