Last week Friday, we started the #StopTheCliche series. Do you know that clichés can be a sign of laziness?  Some thoughts are worth expressing more meaningfully. This requires a bit of effort but doing it can easily turn your work from drab to fab.

The cliche we are address today is the word ‘said’ Here are 30 alternatives that you can use to describe what someone has said.

Admitted, announced, answered, argued, asked, blurted, bragged, declared, exclaimed, explained, gasped, groaned, hollered, insisted, interrupted, muttered, offered, panted, praised, promised, requested, responded, remarked, screamed, snapped, stammered , shouted,  whispered, wailed, whined, yelled.

One thing to learn about clichés is that these words are so common that we tend to add them in our work even when we do not need them. Your work will be much better if you use less cliche.

Now go back to that article and uproot that overused word!