Hello Sparkle Writer

Can you identify what is wrong with this sentence?

I bought a jacket in a Westwood shop made of leather.

Let us help you. In this sentence, the modifier is misplaced. Are you wondering what the modifier is?

It is ‘made of leather

The initial sentence connotes that the shop is made of leather.

The is what the sentence should be; I bought a jacket made of leather in a Westwood shop.

A misplaced modifier occurs when the modifier is kept far away from the word it modifies. This distorts or changes the intended meaning of the sentence.

Now that you have learnt about this can you correct these sentences?


  • Father bought an ice-cream for the girl with cherries on top
  • John was so hungry that he almost ate all the food.
  • Eagerly awaiting her birthday, Mary’s presents were all picked up and admired by Mary many times throughout the course of the day.
  • She almost failed every exam she took.
  • He bought a horse for his sister they call Prince.