Do you have several blogs abandoned on the internet simple because you got tired? Or are you one of those people who have several uncompleted stories stored on your computer?

Most writers face this problem. You may even have a ton of great ideas but your motivation seems to vanish almost immediately after you start the project. The only issue with this is that no one will read an uncompleted story or book.

No matter how lofty your writing dreams are you must finish what you start. Let’s show you how

  • Stop starting new projects

This may not sound so good but it’s the truth. You already have a lot of unfinished projects, why do you want to start something new? It is important to clear the backlog. Adding something new will only make things worse. Say no to new projects.

  • Review all unfinished projects

Go back and review all your unfinished projects. You probably will discover much more than you thought existed. Once you gather all your unfinished works, analyze them. Which ones do you want to continue with and which story should never have begun? Throw out everything you need to.

focus red word and conceptual target

  • Decide what you’ll focus on

Now that you’ve analyzed what you want to keep, decide what project you will focus on presently and what has to wait. Don’t try to write your book, continue with you blog, complete your eBook all at the same time otherwise you may get stuck.

  • Become accountable

This exercise doesn’t mean you won’t feel like giving up on some of these projects again but the key is to become accountable to yourself. Set timelines to finish projects and follow through with them.

You can also get in touch with us if you need help to complete your writing project 🙂