I like to talk about failure. I like to talk about the times things didn’t work out so well. I like to talk about the mountains and challenges that I faced or still face. Why?

The reason is simple – to give those who are coming behind or those who are considering embarking on the same journey a balanced picture of what to expect.

As much as I enjoy writing; I live, breathe creating content, it has not always worked for me. There were moments where I wanted to give up, dust my CV and apply for a regular 9-5 job.

I had times where the bills and expenses kept piling up but there were no clients. Sometimes, there will be clients but the money that want to pay will make you want to weep. A lot wanted free jobs.

I thought of shutting down this whole idea of The Sparkle Writers Hub. Do people want to read about writing every day? Are they really interested? Let’s not even talk about the parental pressure; “Just look at you, your mates are driving Range Rover while you are busy doing ‘leggedes’ up and down.” Those sarcastic comments have a way of getting to you.

All the drama and challenges notwithstanding, I’m glad I stayed. I’m glad I stuck with what brings me joy; what I truly love to do.

Remember two weeks ago I told you to have a plan? You really need one – a realistic one because the journey ahead isn’t smooth. I cannot count how many times I’ve had second thoughts. My plans (and of course God) helped me to stay on course.

One thing I have learnt is the value of consistency. Wake up every day and show up at your duty post. Keep writing. Keep posting on your blog. Keep talking about your editing and content creation business. Don’t stop. The results may not be apparent as the days go by but trust me, you will reap the rewards of your consistency. Someone will notice.

If you have been rejected several times by publishers or magazine editors, I empathize with you. I know how you feel. But don’t give up on your dream to become a successful writer. Someone somewhere in this big, great world needs the message that you carry.

I saw a meme yesterday which had a quote that writing is not just a hobby (it’s on our Instagram page); it is a calling and I totally agree. You need to get to the point where you see writing as your calling because with a calling, there is more at stake. I cannot wake up tomorrow and shut down this blog and platform because it has (and still is) fired up the dreams of many writers. It’s not just about me anymore. It’s about the millions of people this platform will push to greatness.

In the season where this writing thing doesn’t seem to be working, before you get discouraged, ask yourself, “Why am I in this?” “What do I want to get out of this?” If you are in it for the money, you will definitely jump ship to something that will bring you loads of money instantly. But if this is a calling, what you know in your heart that God has created you to do, you will stick with it despite the odds because your words matter.

You will make a difference with your writing. Give it time. Your blog will grow. You will write a bestseller. Platforms will open up to you without you having to chase them. Just stick with it and don’t stop writing 🙂