Blogging Series – 5 Creative ways to make your blog fun to read

Hey Sparkle Writer! We’re here to show you how to make your blog fun to read. There are millions of blogs out there so you need to do some extra things to make your blog stand out and keep your readers coming back for more. Sounds difficult to achieve? Not really. Here are 5 creative ways to make your blog fun and attractive.

Use great pictures


Let’s be real. Pictures draw people in more than plain text. Use a combination of great images and witty memes in your posts. If you have a post that is longer that 500 words, have at least two images in that post to keep your readers engaged. Never put up a post without a picture. Don’t do it.

Tell a story


Your blog is not a school manual or text book. Don’t make it impersonal. Using personal stories as you write will create a connection with your readers. Remember that they are actually human beings with feelings too? Tell stories they can relate with. Tell stories to evoke emotion.

Have a conversation

Don’t just talk at your readers when you write a post. Have a conversation with them. Make your post fun by asking them questions. Have they had a similar experience? Can they relate to a particular post? Ask them to share their thoughts as a comment. This is how to keep your post fun and interactive.

Be happy


Seems like a weird suggestion right? Trust us, it works. Just as a smile can be infectious while talking to someone over the phone, it is the same way when you write. Don’t write out of anger. No fun post ever came from an angry writer. Let that emotion simmer and write from a happy place.

Find inspiration from unlikely sources

A good writer is a great observer. So is a good blogger. Learn to find inspiration from unlikely sources; from random people walking on the street, from two rats chasing each other, from the wind…we could go on and on really. When your mind is open to inspiration, you’ll easily find fun things to write about.

We hope this helps you and you’ll use these tips for your next blog post.