Blogging is fun. It’s a great way to share your ideas and knowledge with the world. It can also be daunting at the same time if you do not have realistic expectations. To be a successful blogger takes time. Don’t expect 1000 views every day if you just started blogging yesterday. You must put in the work to grow your readers.

These five important tips will keep you right on track as you start your blogging journey.

You must work to make your blog known


Don’t simply put up a post on your blog and secretly hope readers will ‘stumble’ on it. You must put yourself out there. Post links to your blog on social media. Talk about your blog in conversations with friends and colleagues. Pinterest is a great platform to publicize your blog. You should also interact with other bloggers. Make yourself known.

Swallow the criticism

The internet is a free playing ground; you’ll get good comments on your blog, you’ll get bad comments and you’ll get horrible comments. Sometimes you’ll get no comment at all. This is where self-confidence comes in. Don’t let a horrible comment weigh you down and don’t let a good comment get into your head. A little tip – when you get a bad comment, simply ignore. Acknowledge those with positive criticism and move on from those who spew hate.

Be mindful of your pictures


A lot of bloggers underestimate the power of a great picture. Using a picture of low quality and resolution will chase readers away from your blog quickly. Let your pictures be ‘wow’ worthy. Always opt for bright pictures and pictures that stand out. Pictures tell a story so be creative when choosing the pictures you use on your blog.

Authenticity is key

We cannot over-emphasize this point. If you want to succeed as a blogger, you must be yourself. Don’t try to sound like anyone else. Don’t try to copy the way the most successful blogger you know writes. Also, can we add, blog about things you love. There is no point blogging about something you don’t care about. Such a blog will die in no time. Stay true to you.

Have realistic expectations

We touched on this at the beginning of this post. If your main reason for starting a blog is to get rich, we advise you to stop now. It’s true that you can make a lot of money from blogging but this does not happen overnight. You need to build your audience. You need to build your expertise in the field you are blogging about. Set realistic goals and enjoy the milestones achieved as you go further in this journey.


There’s a bonus point we’ll like to add – be consistent. If you want to post weekly, choose a day of the week and post consistently on that day. If you want to post daily, do it consistently. Haphazard blogging is never a good strategy and it is one of the fastest ways to lose readers.

We do hope you found this post useful. If you have any questions about blogging you can write them in the comment section or send them to us via email – [email protected].