You have written a few articles, you seem a bit interested in writing but you are torn in between taking it seriously or just letting it go. You are not so sure writing is ‘your thing’. These signs will help you know why you should take writing seriously.

You have a message.There is no point shying away from writing if your story, article or poem can transform someone’s life. If there’s something on your inside that is desperate for expression, an idea, a school of thought why should you keep it buried? We agree with William Faulkner who said that “if a story is inside of you it has got to come out.”

You want to monetize your ability. Although this should not be your sole reason for going into writing (except you are ready for complete disappointment), one way to monetize your writing ability is to take it seriously. Nobody will pay an amateur good money to write. The more you write the better you will get and the more your chances of making money from this skill.


You get great reviews. If you get fantastic reviews whenever you write something it’s probably because people can relate with your work, which is very important. You may not see what makes your wok special but if other people appreciate it don’t be too hasty to say no to professional writing.

You are reading this. Let’s face it, one major reason why you’re reading this post is because somewhere inside of you, you want to become a better writer. You want to hone your skills and express yourself fearlessly.

If you want to write by all means write, you never know how far you’ll get if you don’t start. All the best in your writing journey!